The Enemy Within

Online student magazine The Tab has published yet another article in praise of Durham Men’s Issues Awareness Society, a vanishingly small group of wealthy male students led by one Adam Frost, who have been having a months-long tantrum about their deserved failure to gain ratification as an official University society. Criticisms of the society are ‘vacuous,’ the article told us, men’s issues are ‘swept under the rug’ by wider society. It even complains that the society has been ‘no-platformed’ by Durham Students’ Union following the lead of ‘authoritarian…campus crazies’ and demands to know by what RIGHT this has been done. It’s made absolutely clear that we’re dealing with the cruel repression of a marginalised and vulnerable group here.

And WHERE (our correspondent, Mackenzie Young, wants to know) were those campus crazies when our intrepid heroes, bravely brushing aside the obstacles that society has so unfairly put in their path, raisDurham-Location-SRed £921.61 for a local charity supporting the young homeless? Laudable work without doubt, and you can read all about it on their very own website. They really DID spend twenty four hours pretending to be homeless on the gritty streets of Durham City, pictured here,  “BECAUSE HOMELESSNESS DISPROPORTIONATELY AFFECTS MEN” according to their Just Giving page. They reflected deeply on the problems of homelessness, and now (it says here) have increased understanding and empathy for homeless people.

Armed only with “a pretty decent sleeping bag,” foil blankets, canned supplies, peanut butter, water, a loaf of bread, five pounds, three layers of ski socks and the other “essentials”  of homeless life, the squad: Josh, Oli, Charles, James, Adam and Daniel (the same @danielpryorr, in fact, who enjoys engaging with feminists on Twitter, usually to explain feminism to them. He has no time for Marxist feminism or TERFs, but approves of liberal feminism and men’s rights, naturally), faithfully replicated the experience of the homeless and found it to be “unpleasant,” concluding that actually being homeless must “really suck.” Quite so. Quite

The Tab’s correspondent, Mackenzie Young, who by coincidence is also the Social Secretary for the MRA group, unfortunately wasn’t there in person. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though as, by his own admission, he is “pretty elusive” by night. Here he is, pouting in a stripy blazer to accompany an interview with him as one of Durham’s ‘Campus Cuties,’ where he reveals in “a voice dripping with light-heartedness and sarcasm” (swoon) that his favourite thing about Durham is himself, and the first thing he notices about a girl is his own gorgeous reflection in their eyes. Huh. It’s good to know that he hasn’t let being no-platformed by feminist crazies wear his confidence down too much.

What this downtrodden group, and what its president Adam Frost in particular, surely needs is a guy with connections to get their story out there. Someone who can reveal their struggle to the world. Someone who can get it in a Big Newspaper. Someone who, as the son of a coal-miner, really UNDERSTANDS the struggle of the modern man in the street. Someone who always gives just the facts without embellishment, and lets the great people of Britain decide the truth.  Someone like…Martin ‘Daubs’ Daubney! And sure enough here he is, writing about our heroes for Crywank Weekly, otherwise known as the Daily Telegraph’s Men section.

1003588_10208234335034245_472832107584446147_nQuoting at length from Adam Frost’s “powerfully eloquent and heartfelt case” for a men’s society, Daubs portrays Frost as an articulate, decent, caring and sensitive young man. Moved by a friend’s suicide, Frost decided to set up a society to offer support to other men. He is “not interested in waging ideological war against feminism and wants to distance [himself] from those MRAs and misogynists who seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time bashing feminism. I want to help men.” The same sort of pure and beautiful motivation that got poor old Matt Haig so unfairly ‘crucified‘ by a hysterical mob of Twitter offendotrons with pitchforks and shrill shrieks and…oh you know the rest.

Adam even goes so far as to identify as a feminist himself and criticising the MRA’s who are “ruining it…for people who actually care about men’s issues.”

So, a bright future for the Men’s Rights movement perhaps. A nice young man who just wants to help. One who can engage with feminists, debate rationally and constructively, find points of agreement and negotiate differences of opinion. Exciting times for us all!

Oh wait.


Oh no, he TRICKED us! He tricked DAUBNEY, for God’s sakes. How could he? He was only pretending to like feminism, and Daubs, credulous soul that he is, fell for it hook, line and sinker. Oh well, at least he’s admitting it openly to his “fucking awesome” hero, Milo.

Adam later went on to attempt to organise a public debate between Milo and Julie Bindel in Durham which fell through, not because of censorship by the University as he implied (again, published in The Tab), but because “Milo and Julie don’t want to hold the debate in the Mariott hotel, they want to hold it in a University building.” according to the group’s own minutes.

Still, perhaps Adam was just flattering the queasily self-regarding Milo in order to tempt him to rock up for a debate. Perhaps this was all part of his act. Perhaps he was just PRETENDING that he’d stopped pretending to like feminism. Perhaps he IS a nice guy after all.


Hmm maybe not then.

So if he’s not a nice guy, what is he? A bit of a clown? Certainly, here he is on youtube, going by the username Huge Muhfuggah where he reads his poetry on a variety of subjects such as the Italian economy (sources of his information: “random italian people and one book”), and of course Men’s Rights:

Labelled a ravenous misogynist / for being a satirist to radicalists / using accurate facts and shit / to act a a mens’ rights advocate.

around forty percent of diallers of 999 sirens for DV / are men battered by their own wives’ engagement diamonds.

Feminism has definitely got its own merits / I simply think it sometimes gets a bit careless in its methods.


Or, if you prefer, you can admire him in his guise as MC Frostyjacked attempting to compete in a rap battle. An attempt the website reviewed with the comment that he was probably best remembered as “the man who brought his mum to a battle for the remainder of his battle rap career.”

His online output is, perhaps unsurprisingly, most prolific on Reddit, where he goes by the name PM_ME_PHAT_CORNDOGS. Despite the anonymous username, Frost doesn’t make any serious attempt to mask his identity:


He does seem to be under the impression that Reddit is a closed board which only sympathetic souls can see, although he has some understandable nervousness that his real views will become public via ‘crazies.’


Oh heck. Now we’re here though, let’s have a closer look at some of Adam’s views, lest we are judging him too harshly.

  • Women who buy expensive pants are scum if they don’t then have sufficient sex with their partner


  • Women who have lots of sex are failures as women, men who have lots of sex are successful as men.


  • He’s not completely sure whether or not encouraging rape is a good thing.


  • Although he thinks it might be justifiable if he thinks about it enough.


  • That said, arguing that rape is acceptable is certainly ok, rape-apologist free speech is important you know?!


  • And actually, now he thinks about it, there wouldn’t be as many rapes if women would only be a bit clearer when they say ‘no.’


  • He’s a sensitive guy though. ‘Of course’ he wouldn’t rape a woman just because she didn’t tell him she was having a period before coming home with him. He knows that rape is bad because the man might get in trouble.


  • GSOH too! He can certainly see the funny side of domestic violence. Lighten up, it’s a JOKE.


  • And he’s a real romantic!


  • For example, he knows when it’s appropriate to call a woman a slut, UNLIKE WOMEN!


  • And he will listen to women’s concerns as long as they don’t have a BITCH FIT about it, JESUS.


  • TBH if anyone IS a misogynist, it’s because of feminists anyway. Or sheep. Or women. Or IDK not men anyway.


  • Still, he’ll put them in their place with blackmail if need be. He has screenshots. But nobody should screenshot him that would be like SOOOOO not cool guys!


I could go on. But I don’t need to, you can see for yourself here for as long as he keeps his account there. Mind, I expect him to delete it if he sees this and start a new account where he can complain about censorship and free speech and….well you know the rest.

So does any of this matter? This isn’t, by a long way, the worst example of misogyny you can find on Reddit or elsewhere. In fact, worryingly, he’s moderate compared to many; he has on occasion reprimanded other men for being too openly misogynist. Is it a surprise to anyone who has read P.G. Wodehouse that privileged young men with huge resources and no experience of life have foolish opinions? (And, in case you doubt whether that is fair, amongst the reams of his posts declaring that men aren’t privileged, Adam complains that he himself is TOO privileged. So privileged in fact that it makes him sad!)


So does it matter? Yes and no. Adam Frost is a fool. His friends are fools. They may grow out of it or, more likely, they will continue their life of privilege while complaining about it. In a sense these individuals don’t matter, they are a gnat’s shit in the ocean of society, but my worry is that these are the men of the future, the young men who are growing up to become leaders, the young men who are developing with Milo and Martin and Mike telling them that they deserve it all. That anyone who threatens to stop them must be destroyed. The young men who, floating in so much privilege that they disdain it, have nothing left to do with their energy but attack those who would redress the balance.

They camp out for a night and raise a fractional percentage of their personal net worth for homeless people and use it as an opportunity to complain publicly about the oppression of men. They write articles praising themselves for it, and use Daubney and Yiannopoulos and Buchanan as braying loudspeakers. Do they volunteer their time at mental health day centres, or homeless shelters? Do they actually get close to any of the people they claim to care about? Do they make sure that those men have a loudspeaker? Of course not. Those people are probably poor. And mad. And northern, eeew. The important thing is to tell feminists to shut up. To stop their bitch fits. To realise they’re sluts if men say they are. To tell them that their facts are lies. To realise that free speech is a more important concern than sexual violence. To realise that men can put those feminists in their place whenever they choose and will do without question if it comes to it.

Nothing new there. What is, perhaps, new, and what is, perhaps, worrying, is the instinctive and immediate desire to deceive. The deliberate intention to play the victim while criticising others for doing so. The strategy to “pretend to like feminism” as a Trojan horse to subvert feminist groups. The way the mass media is exploited, through the grubbing amoral Daubneys of this world, to deliberately broadcast the lie. The way that this process doesn’t even have the courage to bare its soul and admit its misogyny even to itself.

So, when Matt Haig complains he’s only trying to help, to help men, to be a good guy, that he really thinks feminism is great if only they’d listen to men more…perhaps, if he REALLY had the slightest doubt about male superiority he would understand why he wasn’t greeted with palm leaves and asked to lead the way. However they dress themselves, the men’s rights movement is filled with cowards, shaking with fearful denial of their own privilege, and unable to rouse themselves to quietly and happily help the men  and women who could really benefit from their resources and power and privilege and loudspeakers.

For men, the enemy is within. They waste what they have on whining and complaining and hating instead of building and thinking and loving. The enemy is Milo and Martin and Mike and Matt. The enemy is Adam and his toxic gang and all those like him, and the sooner they realise it and other men do too, the better for us all.


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  1. Look, positive action isn’t mutually exclusive, were not harming anyone. Actually were trying our best to help people. Your completely indicative of a society that will encourage any minority to identify and unite but utterly attacks a group of white men who identify or act together. Were not saying were the biggest minority interest, were not idiots… But you must recognise that as a group men face some issues related specifically towards their gender, by creating awareness of these issues and trying to engage in positive action we can try to reduce the harm caused by them, i fail to see how this is an affront to any other groups or individuals.


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